PR Driving SEO Results

Public Relations is the most powerful tool
of all for increasing domain authority

It’s no secret that when it comes to your website and Google, you’d like to be at the top of the page looking down at your competition. So, how do you get there? Increasingly, its public relations that’s driving results.
I want to be number one!
By now, almost everyone has at least heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the processes by which you increase your position within a search engine's unpaid results— often called natural, organic or earned results. There are two paths that can push you towards the top of the page: ‘Onsite’ and ‘Offsite’ SEO.​

Onsite is pretty straight forward. It’s what’s on your site and hidden within the code. Offsite refers to how many other sites are linking back to you, also called backlinks.

While onsite is relatively easy to fix, offsite is a much more difficult, time consuming process and where public relations is critical for success.

Moving up in the results
When it comes to onsite SEO, an audit can show all the places where your website is coming up short. In many cases, these are small mistakes that add up to large penalties from search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

In addition, as part of this modification to increase your attractiveness to those google bots, you’ll figure out what key phrases people are searching for and add those to your site. It used to be keywords, but now Google wants to see “key phrases.” It is all about ‘semantic connections’ - don’t get me started.

Once these issues are resolved, you will increase your domain authority– hence moving up the search results, but chances are this alone will not catapult to number one.
As far as google is concerned, you may be wearing all the trendy clothes, but you’re still NOT the popular kid in school. There is still the offsite issue of no one linking to your website.
PR to the Rescue
There are a number of ways public relations can drive your offsite SEO results completing the other half of the SEO coin. However, your PR firm has to know how to do this and more often than not, they are missing out on a few of the most critical steps. 

In addition, there are a number of things you'll want to avoid or risk the dreaded Google blacklist - where no one will be able to locate you in a search. 

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