Targeted Content Marketing

Evolve your Marketing

​Today the phrase ‘Content is King’ is proving to be more accurate than ever before.

With Targeted Content Marketing from RankinPR, your message is crafted and distributed in the form of valuable content (articles, video, etc.) focused specifically on issues that affect your customers. 

Instead of the traditional ways of pitching products, you are giving away beneficial industry information.

So instead of trying to present your company as the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread – which no one would care to read – RankinPR can find new and interesting ways to create content that is consumed by your target audience because it is actually imparting some beneficial information. 

It is marketing that gives back
in the form of education and enlightenment.


When done right, content marketing is a much more captivating way to promote a company and its products at a significantly lower overall cost than many other forms of marketing.​

In addition, these articles become excellent sales and marketing collateral. They can be re-used in email promotions, on social media and websites, within brochures, at trade shows, etc.

Because businesses are always looking for improved ways to communicate, RankinPR will continue to evolve, creating innovative ways to engage with audiences. In doing so, we are creating a significant competitive advantage for our clients.