Targeted Content Marketing

Delivering Your Message,
Directly to Your Prospects

​Today the phrase ‘Content is King’ is proving to be more accurate than ever.

With Targeted Content Marketing from Rankin PR, your message is crafted and distributed in the form of valuable content (articles, video, etc.) focused specifically on issues that affect your customers. 

We have found that it is much more effective to write feature articles that appear in quantity, over time. This puts your message in front of more prospects, creating more leads, and generating more sales.

In addition, these feature articles are the content that people seek out which allows them to do their job or run their company more effectively, expertly and efficiently.

We wrap up your messaging in the form of a case study, an industry trend, a safety story, etc.

Editors know us for our ability to deliver high-quality content that appears as though they wrote it themselves! 

These articles impart industry knowledge to the reader helping them save money, increase productivity, ease headaches and essentially make life a little easier.

You Have a Dream, We Spread the Word

When done right, content marketing is a much more captivating way to promote a company and its products, services and capabilities at a significantly lower overall cost than many other forms of marketing.​

In addition, these articles become excellent sales and marketing collateral. They can be re-used in email promotions, on social media and websites, within brochures, at trade shows, etc.

Because businesses are always looking for improved ways to communicate, Rankin PR will continue to evolve, creating innovative ways to engage with audiences. In doing so, we are creating a significant competitive advantage for our clients.