1. TARGETED MARKETING: Content is King!
    • Generate valuable content; which is critical to promoting your company • Distribute your message in the form of valuable content (articles, videos, etc.) • Solve your customers problems, answer questions and guide change
  2. PUBLIC RELATIONS: Engagement is Crucial!
    • Build relationships that effectively increase lead generation and drive sales • Harness the power of insight and creativity to build brand loyalty • Create audience-centric messaging that produces authentic engagement
  3. Backlink Generation (SEO): Results are Ascending!
    • Harness the most powerful tool of all for increasing domain authority • Create valuable SEO content that drives you up the search engine results page • Produce organic results that reduce the need to pay for PPC (pay per click) advertising

Why Do You Need Strategic Communications?

Does it seem like your competitors are growing while you're staying about the same? Would you like to be growing faster?

If you are not increasing the bottom line significantly, year over year in these economic conditions, you need to try something different.

The economy won’t be this strong forever, and the key to growth is promoting your business – always, in all ways.

Don’t let your competitors continue to grow market share. 

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“Immediately after the article from Rankin PR appeared about our attention to detail and the customization that we do, a prospect called from the opposite coast and asked for a quote. They bought two products, and then later bought two more. This brought an immediate ROI and more than paid for the program.”
 - Tim Brando
Owner of an electrical device manufacturing business that sells six-figure products.

 Creating Better Ways to Communicate

  Rankin PR Will:

•        Educate your prospects
•        Produce qualified leads
•        Shorten sales cycles
•        Increase the bottom line
•        Enable expansion and growth

5 Reasons to Choose Rankin PR:

1.       Superior writing and content creation.
2.       Generating more cover stories and front page news.
3.       Producing multi-page spreads in major publication.
4.       Extensive relationships with influencers and editors.
5.       We guarantee results.

Generating Impressions
That Grow Your Business
Rankin PR
Delivering Your Message,
Directly to Your Prospects

Rankin PR will:

  • Improve your messaging and increase engagement with your target audience

  • Increase lead generation and shorten sales cycles

  • Expand brand awareness and promote your business

  • Boost revenues

Targeted Content Marketing

  • Delivers your messaging through captivating content
  • At a lower cost than other forms of marketing
  • Creating a significant competitive advantage for our clients

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